It would appear that we are finally experiencing winter.  And, although the temperatures are colder and we have some snow on the ground, we should be thankful that we don’t live in the most eastern provinces.  We have had hundreds of birds at our feeders this winter, including two Cooper’s hawks who were sitting right outside our bedroom window calling this morning looking to pick off their breakfast.  It is incredible how the other birds know when they are around, and how they disappear like magic and return the minute the hawks have flown away. 


We were fortunate on Sunday to be led in worship by Rev. Roy Holton, a former minister from Wesley, and we will be led in worship this Sunday by our own Trevor Subhani.  Worship has been a rich and rewarding experience for us, and we are very privileged to have such capable and inspiring leadership.

We have had a number of new people attending worship, so please wear your name tag.  It is always nice to be able to call someone by their name.  If you would like a name tag, please let Stephanie know (519-621-6060) and we will ensure that you get one.  And if you see someone new downstairs at coffee time, please introduce yourself.  Wesley has always had a reputation for being warm and welcoming, and we want to make sure that everyone experiences that.

Our Pastoral Care team has done an incredible job of connecting with our members who are unable to attend church or who need support in some way.  My sincere thanks for their dedication.  But they are not mind readers.  If you know of someone who is ill or going through a difficult time, please let Stephanie know and she will pass the information along to the appropriate person.  Rev. John Anderson is in the church every Thursday for those who would like to speak to him personally.

A question was asked recently about why we don’t have white gift Sunday any more.  Traditionally, this was a special service held before Christmas and facilitated by the children and youth of our congregation.  Members were asked to bring donations for a selected agency and to wrap them in white.  The gifts were then collected at the offering time.  Currently, we do not have a contingent of children and youth who would lead such a service, and our once yearly donations to an agency have evolved into our monthly outreach.  This has allowed us to support several worthy charities in their work with the most vulnerable in our community.

I am concerned about our Vacation Bible School program.  We have no coordinator for this year, and if we don’t have someone step forward soon, we will not be able to offer this valuable program in July.  There is a dedicated group of volunteers ready to go, and funding is set aside, so please consider carefully if this would be of interest to you.  It would be a shame to lose it.  Please contact Stephanie if you could fill this role.  Jen Evans, who has led VBS since its inception, is willing to train a new coordinator.

And finally, if you are over 55 and looking for someplace to go for lunch tomorrow, head on down to the church.  We will be hosting our first seniors’ luncheon.  A hot meal and entertainment will be provided for $10.  We are hoping to turn this into a monthly event, with any proceeds going to our General Fund.  Tomorrow’s menu is chicken divan, rice, salad, apple crisp and ice cream.  For this month only, the lunch will be in Ballantyne Hall at noon.  Hope to see you there!


Anne Tinker

“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.”


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