What an incredible change in the weather.  Our poor deer are finding it harder and harder to trudge through this heavy snow to our feeder.  Their quiet beauty and grace always makes me feel very peaceful when I watch them.  They take what they need, and then move on, leaving something for the next one.  I think that there is a good lesson in that for us.

Tuesday night, 17 of us gathered in the sanctuary for a drumming session led by Rev. Keith.  This was the regular meeting night of the Meditation Group, but an invitation to attend this special event was extended to others in the congregation.  It was amazing!  There was something magical happening there as we each chose a different drum or instrument and picked up the beat.  Afterwards, we enjoyed a social time with refreshments; the highlight being Florence’s maple tarts and date squares.  Yummy!  We hope to do this again, so stay tuned.

I was asked a question on Sunday about committees and structure and how things worked, so the bulk of this message will be devoted to that.  I think that it is good for all of us to understand Wesley’s governance structure and how decisions are made.  So, here goes.  If you already  know all of this, now is the time to stop reading.

Wesley is governed by an Official Board.  This Board is composed of a number of committees that each have their own mandate.  Each committee elects a Chairperson.  Some have Co-Chairs.  Committees decide how often they need to meet.  Wesley members and adherents make up the membership of the committees, and some of our staff sit on relevant committees (our Minister and Director of Music sit on the Music and Worship Committee) to provide their expertise and to assist in planning.  Decisions are made by consensus wherever possible.

Over the past number of years, we have streamlined our governance process to make it less onerous for those involved.  We no longer meet as a full Board (all members of all committees), but meet as a Board Executive (Chairpersons of all of the committees).  The Board Executive meets quarterly, usually right after Sunday worship on a date that is convenient to everyone.  The Minister must be in attendance for it to be an ‘official’ meeting and minutes must be taken.  These meetings are open.  Anyone with an interest may attend.  Following is a list of Wesley committees and a short description of their mandate.

Ministry & Personnel Committee – Chair, Doug Coghlin

The Ministry & Personnel Committee is primarily responsible for the support and oversight of full or part-time members of the staff of the pastoral charge.  This includes our Minister, Director of Music, Office Administrator, Weekday, and Sunday Custodians.

Finance Committee – Chair, Steve Montague

The Finance Committee is responsible for the oversight of the financial affairs of the congregation including the preparation of a budget, regular reports to the Board Executive, and receipt and disbursement of funds on a day-to-day basis on behalf of the Board and the congregation.  The Committee is responsible for coordinating and helping to prioritize the spending plans of the congregation and identify the sources of funding for any capital projects.

Property Committee – Co-Chairs, Robb Bendus & Jim Kirchin

The Property Committee is responsible for the church building and surrounding property; the building cleaning and caretaking service; the equipment required by other groups and committees; the allocation of space for church and outside activities.

Worship & Music Committee – Chair, Trevor Subhani

The Worship & Music Committee is responsible for the ministry of worship, including baptism, communion and other special days.  They are also responsible for  the ministry of music for the congregation.

Christian Development – Chair, Sandy Whyte

The purpose of the Christian Development Committee is to provide Christian Education and programming so that the congregation can grow in faith, knowledge, love and understanding.

Hospitality Committee – Chair, Susan Martin

The Hospitality Committee promotes and fosters deeper relationships; among church members, and with our community.  This is achieved by planning and offering events and initiatives, both on our own and in partnership with other organizations.

Mission & Outreach – Chair, Vacant

The Mission & Outreach Committee highlights and promotes opportunities for outreach to our community, our country, and the world.  It also encourages congregational support of the Mission & Service Fund.

Apple Corps – Leader, Mary Weismiller

Apple Corps was originally established 27 years ago to provide funding for the restoration of our historic church building.  Apple Corps continues to provide funding for capital repairs and expenditures, contributes to the General Fund, and supports several local and international charitable organizations.

Trustees – Chair, Ted Fairless

The Board of Trustees holds the title to all real property of the Wesley congregation, and administers any endowments, bequests or other funds held in trust.

This is just to give you an idea of what goes on behind the scenes, and to provide you with this information as a lead-up to our Annual General Meeting on Sunday February 25.  If you have an interest in sitting on any of these committees, please speak to the Chairperson or myself.  Each committee does an excellent job of keeping everything running smoothly at Wesley.

Our church building and Wesley House play host to a wide variety of groups, small businesses, and community agencies.  We spread our light in many ways.  When we consider who ‘Wesley’ is, we need to consider them as well.  Any door into our church is the right door; whether it is on Sunday morning, Tuesday evening, or Friday afternoon.  And although many of those who come in our doors each week are not members of our congregation, Wesley is their home as well.

I have attached three documents to this note.  One is a compilation of individual members’ stories of why they are at Wesley, or how their experience at Wesley transformed them.  And although it is about three year’s old now, it is still a very powerful document.  The second one is our Spiritual and Strategic Plan for 2017.  We will be drafting one for 2018, so please give some thought as to what you would like to be in it.  How can we partner with God, and with each other, to further God’s work? (I stole that line right out of The Observer, but I really liked it!)  The third is an asset map that I did several years ago and that I continue to update.  It is a visual snapshot of how God is at work in our church.  I hope that you find all of these documents helpful.

This coming Sunday, January 14, we will be celebrating baptism and welcoming new members.  How wonderful!  Our good news is spreading.


Anne Tinker

“I will love the light for it shows me the way, I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars.” - Og Mandino


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