If you were at church on Sunday, I hope that you stayed for the soup lunch afterwards.  There were many delicious varieties of soup, and some wonderful homemade buns and bread to go with them.  It is times like these that I wish that I could eat more!  This is the second annual soup lunch that has been coordinated by our Hospitality Committee, and it was a great success.  Many thanks to the committee members for organizing this.  If you brought soup, and would consider sharing your recipe, please forward it to Susan Martin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  We’re not sure yet where they will end up, but if we have them compiled, we can share them with each other at the very least.

Our community outreach for March is the Cambridge Self Help Food Bank in support of their spring food drive.  Our Food Bank provides a wide variety of supports and services to individuals and families in our community.  Most needed items are: Small peanut butter, Canned fruit, Brown beans in sauce, Canned meat or fish, Pasta sauce, Canned tomatoes, Dry pasta, Rice

A few weeks ago, we heard a moving presentation about Wael Saad al Dean, a Syrian man who found himself stranded in Canada while his family lives in exile in Turkey.  Wael has been a houseguest of Rev. Keith and his family for several months.  We were asked if we felt that Wesley could sponsor Wael’s wife and son to come to Canada so that the family may be reunited.  If you have a copy of the Annual Report, you will notice that this is an item on our agenda.  We will not be voting on this as planned.  The person who brought Wael to Canada for the film festival has already begun the proceedings to sponsor his wife and son.  There may be an opportunity for us to be involved in that somehow, but the monetary commitment that would have been required from our members is now not necessary.

Instead, we are looking at striking a small committee to explore the potential for Wesley to help another refugee family.  If you have an interest in this, please let me know.  There are many families similar to Wael’s who do not have connections here to help them.

Another question that is coming to the meeting on Sunday is increasing Rev. Keith’s hours from 20 per week to 30.  Many of you have spoken to me, and to Doug Coghlin, Chair of our Ministry and Personnel Committee, about the possibility of this.  I have attached the draft budget for 2018, including the actuals from 2017, so that you can see what financial resources are necessary for this change.  It averages out to 8% per member.  On $100, that is $8.  On $1,000, that is $80, or approximately $2 per week.  My sincere thanks to those of you who have already contacted Stephanie about increasing your givings to reflect this increase.

We have worked very hard over the past number of years to get to a balanced budget, and to not enter into any spending that we could not support.  We went without a settled minister until we felt that we could afford one, with many of you taking on extra positions to make it all work.  We made decisions together.  I am asking you to consider very carefully what you want for the future of our church.  Rev. Keith, Nicole, Ilsa and Nell have been welcomed into our Wesley family, and have brought many unique gifts and talents with them.  They have embraced our congregation and everything that comes with it, whole-heartedly.  We have had some amazing worship experiences and have been challenged to see things differently.

Looking at it in a purely practical sense, at half-time, we have Rev. Keith leading worship two Sundays a month, attending some meetings, and doing some pastoral care.  Twenty hours a week gets eaten up very quickly, particularly in crisis situations.  If we increase his hours to 30 per week, it gives us an opportunity to have him lead worship three Sundays a month, and to help us explore what we are being called to do, and to be, as a congregation.  I believe that we are on the cusp of an exciting time for Wesley.

But if we want to increase Rev. Keith’s hours, then we have to commit to funding that into the future.  I believe that we can do it, and that it is the next logical step on our journey together.  We will be voting on this at our AGM on Sunday.  It will be by secret ballot.  This portion of our meeting will be Chaired by Rev. Dr. Jenny Stephens, in accordance with the rules of the United Church of Canada, and Doug Coghlin will be making a short presentation beforehand so that you will very clearly see what you are being asked to consider.

All of this will follow a pot luck lunch.  You are invited to bring something to share, and to bring your own dishes and cutlery.  Drinks will be provided.  Please plan to attend if you are able. 

Our Sunday School is once again selling Reid’s Easter chocolates as a fundraiser.  If you would like to order some, Sandy and Wilma will be taking orders and collecting money after church.

Randy and I have been busy with our helpers from Saginaw and Ancora Houses, and will have a few things of our own to offer for sale, including turkey pies, shepherd’s pie (gluten and dairy free option available), pasta primavera, macaroni and cheese, and Randy’s famous salad dressing.  All, except the salad dressing, are single serving size and are priced at $4 each.

Also attached to this message is our draft Spiritual and Strategic Plan for 2018.  This is meant to be a template for this year, but your suggestions and input are very welcome.

And just a reminder, that it is Saturday night that we move our clocks forward one hour.  If you forget, you will probably miss worship but you will still be in time for lunch.


Anne Tinker

“Either I will find a way, or I will make one.” - Philip Sidney    


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