Wow!  I think that spring passed us by, and we have jumped right into July weather.  The flowering shrubs and bushes have been incredible this year.  I love the smell of lilacs and lily of the valley.  Our spirea and tree peony are gorgeous in their splendour.  We have three birds on nests – two robins and a mourning dove – and we have had an eruption of baby chipmunks!  They are everywhere.  Nature is truly remarkable.

I want to devote part of this message to the discussion of Presbytery dues, which I spoke a little bit about on Sunday.  Presbytery is the next court of church government above congregations.  Like boards and councils in individual churches, Presbytery depends on volunteers to do its work; which is mainly devoted to assisting congregations with the pastoral relations process.  This includes needs assessments and search committees.  Trevor Subhani has been our hard-working Presbytery representative for a few years now.

Wesley is part of Waterloo Presbytery, which includes many United Churches in the Kitchener-Waterloo area and beyond.  As with many voluntary organizations, Waterloo Presbytery has found it difficult to fill key roles on committees.  About five years ago, Waterloo Presbytery hired Rev. Paul Miller to be its Congregational Support Minister.  Paul is a Cambridge native, attending St. John’s-on-the-Hill United Church.  Paul has been to Wesley several times to help us, most recently as a member of the Task Group that was looking at the three Galt churches amalgamating, and to lead our joint needs assessment process.  He is the only paid staff of Waterloo Presbytery.  Other funds cover mileage and expenses for volunteers, and for the secretary of Presbytery.  We had two excellent Presbytery representatives on our Joint Search Committee.

This is all funded through an assessment process to the congregations in their catchment.  As membership dwindles and congregations amalgamate, the pool becomes smaller.  As a result, the assessment has risen.  Our assessment is based on a fair formula.  It is not based solely on numbers of members on the rolls.  Our Office Administrator and Treasurer are very diligent about culling our membership list to include only those who are active, giving members.  That said, our assessment this year is approximately $8,000.  We must pay this whether we have any donations towards it or not.  This averages out to about $77 per member. 

Our Finance Committee has struggled with this topic for the past few meetings.  $8,000 is a big hit to take on a pretty lean budget.  They have had envelopes printed that are available at coffee time.  My recommendation is to take one home, find a jar, and start putting your loonies and change into it.  That’s what I did when I got home on Sunday.  It is amazing how fast it adds up.  Jim and I have about $13 already.  And while it may take us until September or October to collect the entire $154, it will not feel like a huge expense all at once.  And it will certainly help our Finance Committee stay in the black and come out ahead for the year.

Any donation made to our Presbytery dues will be greatly appreciated.  It will be credited to your givings for income tax purposes.

For the months of June, July and August, we have taken up a challenge put out to the community by Central Presbyterian Church.  For the past few summers, they have collected large quantities of one item that is on the list of most needed items of the Cambridge Self Help Food Bank.  This summer, they have chosen to collect pasta sauce.  I think that we should try to match them by collecting pasta and spaghetti to go with their sauce.  I have been in touch with the Chair of their Missions Committee and she is overjoyed that we have responded.  Next week the shopping cart will be near the Cambridge Street entrance to make it easier to drop off donations.  I will keep track of numbers of packages and will keep you posted.  Tell your friends.  For about $1, they can help make a difference to a family in need.

I want to end today by expressing my gratitude to all of the unsung heroes in our congregation.  Although you may know who you are, I want each of you to know how much your contribution is valued and appreciated.  Whether it is singing in the choir, teaching Sunday School, decorating our sanctuary, coming early to make and serve our coffee and cookies, acting as a lector or greeter, providing audio visual and sound support to our worship services, folding bulletins, knitting prayer shawls, rolling dough, selling pies and apple dumplings, sitting on a committee, phoning and visiting shut-ins, acting as a Saturday morning host, making beautiful hangings and cloths for the pulpit and the communion table, or knitting Wesley bears for baptismsJ, our congregational life is enriched and our worship experience improved by your faithful dedication to the life and work of our church.


Anne Tinker

"Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.”

                                                                                               - Mother Teresa


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