And the good news is. . . that Choirs and Carols was a huge success!  Unfortunately, I missed it as I was sick in bed with this nasty bug that is going around, but it was well-attended and is always a wonderful way to usher in the season.  Thank you to Rick and the choir for once again orchestrating the evening, and to Joan Montague for organizing the cider and the social time afterwards.

We made the decision to reschedule our Lunch and Learn, and will likely hold it in January.

Lowering the lights after church last Sunday to replace the bulbs with more energy efficient ones.

As you can see in the pictures above, our Property Committee is working on replacing most of the lightbulbs in our church with ones that are more energy efficient.  This is a free program from Ontario Hydro.  They will replace some, not all, of our lights and we will realize a cost-savings of approximately $1,600 per year.  As you can imagine, it is quite a production to gain access to some of our lights.  Robb, Gary and Jim worked for two hours after church last Sunday to lower the largest of our sanctuary lights to be ready when the new ones arrived on Tuesday.  Since the sanctuary was rented for a concert on Wednesday evening, they were back on Tuesday afternoon to raise them up again.  We are committed to making our building as ‘green’ and as energy efficient as possible.  Kudos to the Property Committee for researching this program and working to ensure that Wesley could take advantage of it.  And thanks to Gary, who jumped in with both feet to help out.

What a wonderful All Saints service we had on Sunday.  Led by Rev. Dr. Jenny Stephens, it was a beautiful tribute to those who are saints among us.  Her message of creating a place of purpose, meaning, and belonging resonates with our journey towards becoming more relevant to each other and to the community around us.

Yesterday Jim and I spent the day on a birdwatching excursion to Long Point.  Even though it was a somewhat unsettled and blustery day, it was still beautiful.  For most of the day, the sun was shining; glistening on the wet leaves making them look like dripping jewels hanging from the trees.  And although we didn’t see any unusual species, we did manage to find thirty-seven different kinds of birds, including hundreds of starlings, red winged blackbirds and cedar waxwings.  It was amazing to watch their aerobatics in flight, moving together as one and never hitting each other.  They were incredibly in tune to those around them.

I’m not sure whether my note got out last week or not.  Our Office Administrator’s son had emergency appendix surgery and Stephanie was off for a couple of days with him while he recovers.  My apologies if you have read some of this before.

We have welcomed Rev. Keith Hagerman, his wife, Nicole, and his two daughters, Ilsa and Nell, into our Wesley family.  In fact, Ilsa and Nell were pressed into service their first Sunday with us!  I am excited to be working with Rev. Keith and look forward to hearing more from him.  Rev. Keith has already begun to immerse himself in our congregational life, visiting Apple Corps to make dumplings, leading a drumming workshop last Tuesday morning, and working through the lengthy process at the hospital to be certified to visit as our minister. 

What an incredible week of warm fall weather we are having.  It must be to make up for all of those cool wet days that we had in July and August.  Our geese are honking on the pond, not sure whether to start their southern journey or not.  And while we bask in this blast of September sunshine, Florida and the Caribbean are mopping up from Hurricane Irma.  If there were any doubts that climate change is real and immediate, Irma certainly quashed those.  I hope that you will keep that region in your prayers as people try to return to some semblance of their former lives. 

It is hard to believe that the summer is almost over.  It has flown by.  We have been fortunate to have spent much of it at our cottage north of Parry Sound.  And while it has been the wettest summer on record for many years, it is still incredibly beautiful.  There is something ageless about the rock and the trees that just naturally makes you pause and consider your place in the world.  I hope that all of you have been able to get some restorative time away as well before we head back into the hustle and bustle of another busy church year.

Today I have very good news indeed.  Many thanks to those who attended the congregational meeting on Sunday to receive, and vote on, the recommendations of the Joint Search Committee.  Our new minister is Rev. Keith Hagerman, who is currently filling in at First United.  That congregation voted recently to amalgamate with St. John’s-on-the-Hill and will be actively working towards that.

I am extremely happy to say that I have very good news; the Joint Search Committee will be making a presentation on Sunday and asking for your support of their recommendation.  Please plan to attend if you are able.  There will be a congregational meeting in the sanctuary immediately following the service.  Coffee and refreshments will be available for you to pick up and take to your seat.  Under the leadership of Doug Coghlin as Chair, this committee has worked very hard and been very diligent in their search for a minister to walk with us on the next leg of our journey.  Many thanks to the committee members; Doug Coghlin, Marilyn Allen, Mark Miyasaki, Robb Bendus, Laura Wilson, and myself, and to our two outstanding Presbytery representatives; Rev. Chris Fickling and Greg Case.

Our robin on the porch railing is busy trying to keep up with the demands of feeding her babies in the nest, the tree swallows have filled all of our birdhouses out back, and the geese on the pond have babies swimming behind them.  Spring is surely here and the miracle of regeneration and rebirth is well underway.  I can barely keep up with the orioles who drain my three hummingbird feeders almost daily.  Even the crows fly in to grab a mouthful of peanuts to take back to their young.  It is wonderful.

Thank you to everyone who contributed toilet paper for The Bridges.  I found out today that there has been a 63% increase in the number of seniors accessing shelter.  This seems a very sad commentary on our society when a homeless shelter becomes your home in your later years.  I can’t imagine what that must feel like.  Affordable, safe housing is still the key, and is still in short supply.  Your donations are very much appreciated.  I think that we will take a break for the month of June.  There are some new opportunities for us in the fall to help those in our community who are most vulnerable.  More on that later.

This Sunday, June 4, is a joint service with First and St. John’s at St. John’s-on-the-Hill.  Worship is at 10:30 a.m.  And next Sunday, June 11, will be our agape worship/pot luck in Ainslie Hall.  We will begin at 10:30 a.m. as usual and you are invited to bring something to share.  Since Randy and I had quite a lot of vegetable soup left over from the last senior’s lunch (I don’t know what we were thinkingJ), we will be serving that as well.  Plates, cutlery and refreshments will be provided.  And I have it on good authority, that there might be mimosas!  Please plan to attend this casual service.  It is a great family event and lots of fun.

Our next, and last before the summer, seniors lunch is on Thursday June 15.  The menu has not been finalized beyond the dessert, which will be strawberry shortcake.  And really, isn’t dessert the most important part of the meal anyway?  All kidding aside, we hope that you will be able to attend.  It has been a wonderful year of good food and good fellowship.

Our Joint Search Committee will be meeting next Wednesday evening to review applications and prepare for interviews.  The posting closed at the end of May, and we had six applicants.  I believe that somewhere in those six applications is our next minister.  We will keep you updated as the process unfolds.  Thank you to the members of the Search Committee under the capable leadership of Doug Coghlin, and to our two Presbytery representatives who have been a great asset to us.

I was very disappointed to hear the breaking news this afternoon that the President of the United States believes that climate change is a hoax.  When I wrestle with something like this (how can anyone possibly hold this opinion in this day and age), I am reminded of something that a wise person once told me, ‘You can’t outthink a person who is not thinking.’  And that is certainly true in this case.  The good news is that we can all continue to make a difference by recycling, composting, walking, taking the bus, picking up garbage, turning lights off, and even feeding the birds.  We can and will, ‘live with respect in Creation’. 

As another church year winds down, please remember that our ongoing expenses don’t take a vacation in the summer; even though we might.  Staff will be here working diligently.  We will still have utility bills and rentals.  We are fortunate that the STEM Camp has rented Ballantyne Hall for the entire summer.  For those of you on PAR, a big thank you as your donations will continue in July and August.  If you are not on PAR, please consider it, or stop in and see Stephanie with your givings.  The Executive has worked very hard this year to keep us in the black, and we want to stay there as we welcome a new minister in the fall.

It is an exciting time at Wesley.  We are a little further on our journey and about to welcome a new member to our team. We really are living our good news.


Anne Tinker

“When we know ourselves to be connectd to all others, acting compassionate is simply the natural thing to do.”


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