It is hard to believe that the summer is almost over.  It has flown by.  We have been fortunate to have spent much of it at our cottage north of Parry Sound.  And while it has been the wettest summer on record for many years, it is still incredibly beautiful.  There is something ageless about the rock and the trees that just naturally makes you pause and consider your place in the world.  I hope that all of you have been able to get some restorative time away as well before we head back into the hustle and bustle of another busy church year.

Today I have very good news indeed.  Many thanks to those who attended the congregational meeting on Sunday to receive, and vote on, the recommendations of the Joint Search Committee.  Our new minister is Rev. Keith Hagerman, who is currently filling in at First United.  That congregation voted recently to amalgamate with St. John’s-on-the-Hill and will be actively working towards that.

I am extremely happy to say that I have very good news; the Joint Search Committee will be making a presentation on Sunday and asking for your support of their recommendation.  Please plan to attend if you are able.  There will be a congregational meeting in the sanctuary immediately following the service.  Coffee and refreshments will be available for you to pick up and take to your seat.  Under the leadership of Doug Coghlin as Chair, this committee has worked very hard and been very diligent in their search for a minister to walk with us on the next leg of our journey.  Many thanks to the committee members; Doug Coghlin, Marilyn Allen, Mark Miyasaki, Robb Bendus, Laura Wilson, and myself, and to our two outstanding Presbytery representatives; Rev. Chris Fickling and Greg Case.

Our robin on the porch railing is busy trying to keep up with the demands of feeding her babies in the nest, the tree swallows have filled all of our birdhouses out back, and the geese on the pond have babies swimming behind them.  Spring is surely here and the miracle of regeneration and rebirth is well underway.  I can barely keep up with the orioles who drain my three hummingbird feeders almost daily.  Even the crows fly in to grab a mouthful of peanuts to take back to their young.  It is wonderful.

Thank you to everyone who contributed toilet paper for The Bridges.  I found out today that there has been a 63% increase in the number of seniors accessing shelter.  This seems a very sad commentary on our society when a homeless shelter becomes your home in your later years.  I can’t imagine what that must feel like.  Affordable, safe housing is still the key, and is still in short supply.  Your donations are very much appreciated.  I think that we will take a break for the month of June.  There are some new opportunities for us in the fall to help those in our community who are most vulnerable.  More on that later.

This Sunday, June 4, is a joint service with First and St. John’s at St. John’s-on-the-Hill.  Worship is at 10:30 a.m.  And next Sunday, June 11, will be our agape worship/pot luck in Ainslie Hall.  We will begin at 10:30 a.m. as usual and you are invited to bring something to share.  Since Randy and I had quite a lot of vegetable soup left over from the last senior’s lunch (I don’t know what we were thinkingJ), we will be serving that as well.  Plates, cutlery and refreshments will be provided.  And I have it on good authority, that there might be mimosas!  Please plan to attend this casual service.  It is a great family event and lots of fun.

Our next, and last before the summer, seniors lunch is on Thursday June 15.  The menu has not been finalized beyond the dessert, which will be strawberry shortcake.  And really, isn’t dessert the most important part of the meal anyway?  All kidding aside, we hope that you will be able to attend.  It has been a wonderful year of good food and good fellowship.

Our Joint Search Committee will be meeting next Wednesday evening to review applications and prepare for interviews.  The posting closed at the end of May, and we had six applicants.  I believe that somewhere in those six applications is our next minister.  We will keep you updated as the process unfolds.  Thank you to the members of the Search Committee under the capable leadership of Doug Coghlin, and to our two Presbytery representatives who have been a great asset to us.

I was very disappointed to hear the breaking news this afternoon that the President of the United States believes that climate change is a hoax.  When I wrestle with something like this (how can anyone possibly hold this opinion in this day and age), I am reminded of something that a wise person once told me, ‘You can’t outthink a person who is not thinking.’  And that is certainly true in this case.  The good news is that we can all continue to make a difference by recycling, composting, walking, taking the bus, picking up garbage, turning lights off, and even feeding the birds.  We can and will, ‘live with respect in Creation’. 

As another church year winds down, please remember that our ongoing expenses don’t take a vacation in the summer; even though we might.  Staff will be here working diligently.  We will still have utility bills and rentals.  We are fortunate that the STEM Camp has rented Ballantyne Hall for the entire summer.  For those of you on PAR, a big thank you as your donations will continue in July and August.  If you are not on PAR, please consider it, or stop in and see Stephanie with your givings.  The Executive has worked very hard this year to keep us in the black, and we want to stay there as we welcome a new minister in the fall.

It is an exciting time at Wesley.  We are a little further on our journey and about to welcome a new member to our team. We really are living our good news.


Anne Tinker

“When we know ourselves to be connectd to all others, acting compassionate is simply the natural thing to do.”

We were at Point Pelee National Park last week for the annual ‘Festival of Birds’ to celebrate the spring migration.  And although the weather was not as cooperative as it could have been, we saw 104 species of birds.  We were fortunate to see my two personal favourites, red headed woodpeckers and scarlet tanagers.  I am always amazed by the vibrant colours.  Even the drabbest sparrow is beautiful when you stop to look at the intricacy and detail of their feathers.   There is a lesson there for us.

A huge thank you to everyone who purchased Easter chocolates.  Our children and youth donated the profits from those sweet treats and they were designated to replace our current light bulbs with more energy efficient LED’s.  All of the lights in the WoHeLo room have been retrofitted.  Our Property Committee is working with Cambridge Hydro on a program to replace most of the lights in the church building.  There are some incentives available and, over the course of the next couple of years, we hope to be able to reduce our hydro consumption considerably.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and Rev. Dr. Jenny Stephens will be leading worship.  There will also be a baptism, which is especially nice.  After worship you are invited to share in a piece of cake to celebrate Garth and Marilyn James’ time with us here at Wesley as they embark on the next stage of their journey, moving to London to be closer to family.  Both Garth and Marilyn have been greatly involved at Wesley and they will be sorely missed.  Please plan on staying, if even for a short time, to offer your good wishes.

Our monthly seniors lunch is next Thursday, May 18, at noon in Ainslie Hall.  The menu is still being drafted, but it will no doubt be delicious.  Hope to see you there.

You may have read a recent article in the Cambridge Times about some of our local social agencies being stretched to the limit.  The Bridges has had an average of 100 people staying overnight for months.  Lack of affordable, safe housing has put a great strain on their resources.  To keep things simple, for the month of May, I am suggesting that we collect toilet paper; an item that is always needed.  Let’s see if we can build a mountain of toilet paper to help them!

The good news of Wesley is that we are a family who share each other’s sorrows as well as celebrations.  I want to sincerely thank everyone for their prayers, cards, kind words, and support following my mother’s death two weeks ago.  Our family is truly grateful.  I am humbled to be a part of such a loving community.


Anne Tinker

“The aim and the final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul.”

                                                                                                                                                                                - Johann Sebastian Bach

We are at the cottage for Easter.  And, so far, we are the only people here on our cottage road.  Nearly all of the snow is gone, and the lake is starting to open up.  It looks like a grey map of squiggly lines where the water has started to show through.  The birds have found us, and there are the usual species that we see all year round, as well as some that we see at our home in the winter and who are now on their way north for their summer breeding.  And the landscape that is somewhat imposing and hostile in the winter, is now soft and pleasing as this northern world wakes up to the coming of spring and all that it brings with it.

The good news is that spring has finally decided to arrive.  Daffodils are poking out of the ground and the robins are busy gathering dried grass for their nests.  The trees are alive with bird song and the spring peepers have started their nightly concert.  Regeneration and rebirth are all around us.

And there is more good news; I received word this morning that we now have at least one Presbytery representative to sit on our Joint Search Committee.  We can now ‘officially’ begin that process.  The Search Committee is meeting after church on Sunday to elect a Chairperson and to map out next steps.  We will keep you posted as this process unfolds.

Mother Nature firmly put us in our place this week and let us know just who is in charge.  We had been lulled into thinking that spring had arrived early, only to be rudely jolted back to the reality of winter.  But the good news is that the sun was shining today and that spring officially arrives next week.  The birds believed that spring was here.  We literally have hundreds of red winged blackbirds, grackles and brown headed cowbirds at our bird feeders.  It is quite spectacular to watch.  They all fly in, in a frenzy searching for food and then fly off en masse when something startles them.  Having a morning coffee while watching the birds and listening to their songs has become my daily meditation.

The good news is that over 60 people attended the Shrove Tuesday pancake supper last night and were treated to delicious pancakes, sausages, and Randy’s special cinnamon apples (which also taste really good with whip cream instead of pancakesJ).  Ainslie Hall is receiving a fresh coat of paint, thanks to the generosity of our Apple Corps, and it set a bright and cheery mood for the evening.

Today is the first day of Lent.  A couple of years ago we were introduced to ’40 Acts’, a Lenten stewardship program that sets out simple, generous actions for each day.  Here is the link to the program, which started today.


I would encourage you to join up and to share your acts of generosity on our good news board in Ainslie Hall. 

A reminder that we will NOT be worshipping at Wesley on Sunday, March 5.  It is a joint service at St. Luke’s United Church in Hespeler.  If you need transportation, please contact Trevor Subhani at 519-621-0347.

The good news is that a representative of Waterloo Presbytery will be attending our Annual Meeting on Sunday to chair part of the meeting to deal with our Joint Needs Assessment report.  I have attached a copy of the report for you to read, and hard copies will be available on Sunday morning.  Aside from the regular business at our AGM, we will be passing four other motions related to our current process:

1.       To accept the Joint Needs Assessment Report.

2.       To request Waterloo Presbytery to create a vacancy for a part-time minister, 20 hours per week, effective

          July 1, 2017.

3.       To request Waterloo Presbytery to disband the Joint Needs Assessment process.

4.       To request Waterloo Presbytery to establish a Joint Search Committee to find a part-time minister.

Waterloo Presbytery will name two representatives to sit on the Joint Search Committee, and it will be up to them to call the first meeting of that committee.  Because we had such good representation at our Joint Needs Assessment meeting on January 28, and such clear direction, we were able to draft the report and have the Executive review and accept it, so that we can keep this process moving along.

We have identified in our Joint Needs Assessment Report that we will be looking for a part-time minister.  And while we did realize a small excess of revenue over expenses for 2016, givings were down.  I know that there are a variety of reasons for that, but it is incumbent on each of us to support the decisions that we have made.  If we truly want a part-time, ordained minister for our congregation, then we have to underwrite those costs with our givings.  We cannot do it with fundraising and rentals alone.

I encourage you to attend on Sunday if you are able.  We will have a special service, led by Mary Weismiller, who will update us on our connection to the good work in South Africa being done by Edna Light.  Mary and Chuck were there for an extended visit in the fall and have much to tell.  If you have an African shirt, please wear it.  After church, we will have lunch in Ainslie Hall and then proceed into the Annual Meeting where we will review the decisions of 2016, and adopt the budget and Mission and Service targets going forward for 2017.  We will also review 2017’s Spiritual and Strategic Plan.  The representative from Waterloo Presbytery has been asked to arrive around 12:30 p.m., so it is my intent to try to be finished by 1:00 p.m.

Tomorrow is our monthly seniors lunch.  This has become another outreach ministry for us.  Between 30 and 50 attend at noon in Ainslie Hall for a delicious lunch and some companionship and conversation.  We try to have something available for them to purchase to take home for a later meal.  This month we made 96 turkey pies (from turkey leftover from our family Christmas dinner) and 71 beef pies.  We will also be selling Randy’s famous salad dressing.  Lunch is $10 and all are welcome.

There are lots of upcoming events at Wesley.  On Tuesday February 28, we will hold our traditional Shrove Tuesday dinner from 5:30 – 7:00.  Cost is $6 for adults and $3 for children 6 – 12.  On Saturday March 4 at 1:00 p.m. we will host the ‘Bridging Communities Through Song’ concert.  If you attended the Waterloo Regional Police Choir concert last spring, you will be happy to know that they will be one of three choirs participating.  A freewill offering will be taken and refreshments will be served afterwards.

This month’s community outreach is the Cambridge and District Humane Society.  Help our furry and feathered friends with these items: Dry cat and kitten food Canned cat and kitten food Canned dog and puppy food Dog and cat treats Dog and cat toys Bleach Garbage bags – large and small Dish soap Fleece pet blankets (Dollarama)

This is an exciting time for us.  We will be entering the stage of looking for someone to walk with us into our future.  John has done an exceptional job of pastoral charge oversight these past four years, and has created a solid foundation for us to build on.  Please be part of helping to mould Wesley’s future.  


Anne Tinker

“Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.”  - Roger Miller


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