It would seem that summer is upon us with the warm temperatures that we have been experiencing for the last week or so.  We were at our cottage for the long weekend, and although it was lovely, the black flies were very friendly and we are still itching.  A small price to pay though.

Our outreach for the month of May has been Lisaard House, and this will be the last week to contribute.   Waterloo Region’s first residential cancer hospice, Lisaard House, provides care free of charge for individuals facing a limited life expectancy.  Lisaard House is committed to helping people dying of cancer to live the life remaining to them as fully as possible and easing the challenges facing their loved ones.  Lisaard House is in need of: • Coffee – regular or fine grind • Paper towels • Creamed soups • Juice boxes • Liquid soap and refill size • Apple sauce • Pudding cups, fruit or Jello cups • Hot chocolate • Bounce – unscented only please • Apple or cranberry juice Please help as you are able.  Lisaard House has been a wonderful asset to our community.  We will take a break for June, so that you may contribute to the Fort McMurray relief fund if you choose to.  It is difficult to imagine such devastation. 

We were fortunate to spend last week at Point Pelee for the annual Festival of Birds, which celebrates the spring migration of tens of thousands of birds returning to their nesting habitats in Ontario.  In the four days that we were at Point Pelee National Park, we saw 117 different species, with the highlight being a nest with two baby Great Horned Owls.  It was incredible to go each day and see how much they had grown from the day before.  Nature is truly amazing. 

Jim and I were at the cottage last weekend.  It was awesome.  We saw a moose, a porcupine, a deer, a barred owl, many songbirds, and our first loon of the season.  It is incredible how quickly nature responds to the changing of the seasons and readies itself for regeneration and rebirth.

We are experiencing a bit of a rebirth ourselves this year.  For the third straight month, we are in the black financially.  Lest we pat ourselves on the back too soon, much of our recent financial gain has been due to our increased fundraising activities this year.  Our senior’s lunches have done very well, as did our chicken dinner and the Police Choir concert.  While givings have remained fairly stable and are only slightly below budget, we are coming up to the warmer months when fewer of us are around.  I would urge you to start thinking about the summer and making plans to join our pre-authorized remittance program, or to designate givings ahead.  While we may enjoy a lovely summer vacation, unfortunately our bills do notJ 

Fingers crossed, let’s hope that spring is finally here.  My poor daffodils have been up and down so many times that they don’t know whether to bloom or not.  Nature is ever resilient and adaptive.  Would they we were the same.

My sincere thanks to everyone who helped with the chicken dinner on Saturday evening.  It was a resounding success, realizing a little over $1,500 in fundraising revenue.  A special thank you to Joan Montague who handled all of the ticket sales and who found the entertainment.  They were awesome.  While it felt good to put my feet up when I got home, we had a lot of fun in the kitchen.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter.  I have it on good authority, from my Mother, that the Easter service was awesome and that the breakfast was delicious, as usual.  Thanks to our hardworking UCM for once again offering their hospitality to the congregation to make the day special.  And kudos to all of the musicians and the two choirs for enhancing the worship experience.  And apparently John’s message was incredible.  How blessed we are.

I was saddened to hear of the death of Len Verkerke.  Any loss diminishes us, but we are forever enriched by having had their presence among us.  I have missed Len’s cheery greeting at the Cambridge Street door on Sundays when he and Marg would welcome everyone with a handshake and a few kind words.  Please keep Marg and the family in your prayers.  As a church family we are called to be with each other in times of both joy and sorrow.

We are at our cottage.  There is much more snow here than there is at home, but it is incredibly quiet and still.  The only sounds are the occasional groaning of the ice on the lake and the songs of the birds.  On our way up here Tuesday morning, we saw a snowy owl.  It was beautiful.  It reminds me how truly awesome and magnificent nature is.

We are in Holy Week.  We are nearly at the end of the forty days of Lent, and are preparing for the dark journey of Good Friday to the light-filled celebration of Easter Sunday.  It is perhaps a metaphor that we can relate to, although I don’t believe that Wesley’s journey has been quite that dark.  The Three Church Task Group held their final meeting last week and, although Wesley and First did not support entering the process of amalgamation, we have agreed to continue worshipping together and to intentionally look at ways of sharing resources, and supporting each other’s events.  A ‘sustainable presence of the United Church in Galt’ may not be one single congregation in one building.  We have all learned a great deal from this experience, and have a much better understanding of each other.  We also have a better understanding of ourselves and what is important to us.  We have begun to build on that.

Spring seems to be most definitely here.  As I’m writing this, I have the windows open and am listening to the incredible songs of many different birds.  The geese are on the pond and the chipmunks are out of their holes; the daffodils are starting to poke their heads up and the owls are calling at night looking for a mate.  A flock of tundra swans just flew over the house.  It is a magical time of year, a celebration of rebirth and renewal.

I hope that everyone is bundling up to keep warm in this cold snap that we are having.  We have been spoiled this winter with warmer temperatures, so it makes the colder weather seem even more intense.  And a reminder that we are worshipping at First United this Sunday, February 14, at 10:30 a.m.  It is the first of three joint services this spring.

I’m not sure whether the groundhog saw his shadow yesterday or not, but it certainly seems like spring out there today.  I saw two robins and a belted kingfisher yesterday; very unusual sightings for this early in the year.

If you missed church on Sunday, you missed a lot.  First of all, it was a baptism Sunday, and it is always wonderful when we have babies in our sanctuary.  My thanks to Pat Berry for her lovely knitted bears which each child receives, and to Rick and the choir for their baptism-themed anthem.  Both were very welcoming gestures for Ethan and his family.  Then John preached an amazing sermon on love.  While he discussed different kinds of love, he focussed on agape love and encouraged us to ‘love out loud’.  You couldn’t help but feel energized as you left and went out into the world.

It would appear that we are finally experiencing winter.  And, although the temperatures are colder and we have some snow on the ground, we should be thankful that we don’t live in the most eastern provinces.  We have had hundreds of birds at our feeders this winter, including two Cooper’s hawks who were sitting right outside our bedroom window calling this morning looking to pick off their breakfast.  It is incredible how the other birds know when they are around, and how they disappear like magic and return the minute the hawks have flown away. 


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